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We publish art, gathered pell-mell and assembled with assiduous aplomb.





We publish art, gathered pell-mell and assembled with assiduous aplomb. We publish text, images, video, audio, and we combine the work of different artists into single conglomerations. What is a conglomeration? It is a fusing of the disparate.

Send us your poem of Augustus gagging on a carrot. Send us your story of a couch that swallows a horny couple as they Netflix and chill. Send us your drawings of an owl pecking out the eyes of a scarecrow. Send us your watercolors of somebody’s aunt’s weathered backside as she picks raspberries from the prickly bushes in her backyard. Send us your filmed puppetry or your stop-motion tale of love between paper clips. Send us your tunes played on a bucket with a spoon, or your twin harmony breathing noises. Send us something that impregnates our brainnoodles.

Then, watch as your story of a contorting ventriloquist who faces his own ass as it talks to his face appears alongside a second artist’s cut-up collages of a lion in pirate boots Heimlich-maneuvering a nudist in a tutu choking on a pretzel all to the beat of a third artist’s recording of herself bashing a cookie jar with a two-by-four.

So, to reiterate, know this: thy poem shan’t stand alone, nor shall thy short story hog the page. When you submit your work to The Conglomerate, it will become part of a whole, a piece in a puzzle, a sneeze among the sniffling. Submit and join the ostensibly disparate.


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Andy S.
Rock Dougherty

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Joanna Jensen



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Submission Guidelines

We’re open to most things, even academia, but please do keep our exposure to weird fonts, unnecessary coloring, and otherwise incomprehensible layout strategies to a minimum. For text, Times New Roman or Courier, size 12, is fine. Preferably .doc, .docx, rtf, pdf. There is no word restriction. Limit your submission to one prose piece and up to five poems, artworks, images, videos, music, and other things. We’re all on board with simultaneous submissions (anything else would be madness), but do make sure to let us know if your piece is accepted elsewhere.

We accept only original work. All copyright remains with the creator. In all cases, enclose your submission in one file and add your name and contact information on the first page of the document. E-mail it as an attachment to thecongolomerate@gmail.com with the headline: Submission, [genre], [title of submission], [your name]. Example: Submission, essay, 'Enter the Exit - An External Review of Anal Arachnophobia', Benima Fozzleworth.