Conglomeration No. 2

Conglomeration No. 2

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Story by Mike Robinson, Invisible

Name: Mike Robinson. Nationality: British. Age: No longer young. He wrote 'Invisible' a few years ago in response to a Guardian review of an exhibition of invisible art. He'd forgotten he'd written it until he came across it on his computer a couple of years later. He supposes that's fitting in a way.

Music by Taeppeat, Speechless and Entering Space

Taeppeat is an old solo project by musician, singer, and writer Kasper Them Larsen from Copenhagen, Denmark. Over the past ten years he has worked and performed within such different fields as ambient, improvisational music, metal, pop, and folk. The songs featured are taken from the album 'Acid, Void, Peak'. You can dream, so it isn't true.

Paintings by Sandy Coomer, Venturi Effect, Forest Primeval, and Sea Foam

Sandy Coomer is an artist and poet living in Brentwood, TN. Her art has been featured in local art shows and exhibits, and has been published in journals such as Lunch Ticket (Antioch University Los Angeles), Gravel, and The Wire’s Dream. Her favorite word is 'Believe'.