Conglomeration No. 4

Conglomeration No. 4

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Poetry by Selina A. Mahmood, shell & the end of time

Selina A. Mahmood recently graduated from medical school. She momentarily zoned out during class one day and began writing on a whim of sunlight. She has poems published in The Ghazal Page, One Sentence Poems, Blood and Thunder - Musings on the Art of Medicine, Right Hand Pointing, and forthcoming publications in SurVision and Apofenie. She has also blogged book reviews for HuffPost.

Paintings by Peter Easterby

Peter Easterby is an 18-year-old student studying art at Camberwell College of Arts, London, UK. He likes to work in lots of different media but mostly works with paint.

Poetry by Hart L'Ecuyer, The River Man; Terrorism, or, Open Your Heart; The Eisenhower Doctrine; The Grassy Knoll; & Television

Hart L’Ecuyer is a surrealist poet from St. Louis. These are the pages.

Poetry by Colin James, Some Sociological Surfaces of the Aesthetic & The Labelist's Lament

Colin James has a book of poems, Resisting Probability, available from Sagging Meniscus Press and a new book of poems forthcoming from Wondor Editions. He lives in Massachusetts.